Our Studio

Two best friends based out of two separate bedrooms in New York City


Highrise Software was founded in March of 2017 by two best friends who have always dreamed of creating their own video game.

Since our founding we have devoted ourselves to accomplishing our mutual goal. We dedicated a lot of time to drawing and expanding upon concepts, developing and refining game play mechanics, and creating playable prototypes. Our projects during this time did not come to fruition but taught us a lot about the game development process as a whole. 

It was not until November of 2020 that our first game, Linklight, made its way on to Steam; accomplishing one of our lifelong goals to release a video game.

The journey that we have undergone to get to this point was vast and unforgettable. The both of us are incredibly thankful that we have the opportunity to create games and thankful to have incredible fans supporting us.

We hope you all will continue to stick around and see what we have in store.

We are just getting started.

Meet the team


Founder - Game Developer

Favorite Games - The Elder Scrolls Series, ArmA 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Mass Effect Series, Stardew Valley, Gwent


Founder - Game Developer

Favorite Games - Half-Life Series, Portal Series, Metro Series, Rust

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