Linklight is a soothing and minimalist puzzle game that consists of rotation based puzzles; unplug yourself from your surroundings as you navigate your way through entrancing sets of handcrafted levels.

In Linklight you are greeted with a colorful tranquil space in disarray. One after the other, you rotate objects, form elaborate connections, and avoid obstacles; forging your path to bring power to all of the scattered lightbulbs throughout the level. A level is only complete once all of its lightbulbs have been correctly powered.

As you progress through the game you will be presented with new chapters, new challenges, and new objects; forcing you to think and adapt to whatever challenges you are faced with.

Early Access:

  • Dozens of handcrafted logic-based puzzles, featuring multiple solutions.
  • An infinite number of customizable procedurally generated puzzles! (Released & Receiving Incremental Updates)
  • Progression; traverse through various sets of levels, all of which bring their own dreamlike design and unique challenges.
  • Serene ambience; soothing ambient music tracks and sound effects.
  • Particles!

Released On



Highrise Software

File Size

0.1 GB



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